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Confused and wrinkled her perfect symmetrical nose. For rescuing me yesterday. You didn't have to help me...and yet you risked your lives to save me. I'll never forget what you did for me. I unfolded and refolded my napkin on the table. Thank you. For once Arianna was quiet and I swore her eyes were misty, but I must have imagined it, because she gave me a kick with the tip of her boot under the table. I yelped and instagram yahoo rubbed my ankle. Don't mention it, she said and grinned at me. Gaios shook his head and stole a piece of bread from Arianna's plate. He leant back in his chair and took a bite from the bread, staring speculatively at me. Chai's in so much trouble, he said after a couple of seconds. I didn't understand what he meant, but both he and Arianna laughed loudly. I don't get it, I said at a loss. I didn't understand what was so funny to them. You're his prijatelj, Arianna said buy instagram followers and I felt even more confused. I didn't get the chance to ask her what that meant as Chai plopped down on a chair next to me. Why do you look so serious? he asked me and Arianna giggled uncontrollably. buy instagram followers We're just telling Lexie that she's your prijatelj, Gaios answered and grinned at Chai. Yes, she is, Chai said and gave a sheepish smile. What does it mean? I didn't like being left in the dark. It means that you are very special, little one, Chai said and Gaios choked on a piece buy instagram followers of bread, trying hard not to laugh. I had the distinct feeling Chai wasn't telling me the whole truth. It was a pity I didn't have a microchip in my head that could teach me how to speak Epsilon. For now I would let it go, but I was determined to find out what prijatelj means. We finished our breakfast, or Gaios finished my plate for me. He had the appetite of a baby elephant and finally there was nothing left for him to eat. Chai slung an arm casually around my shoulder and pulled me closer. I have something to tell you, he said and I could feel a heaviness emanating from him. What's wrong? I asked hesitantly. I wasn't sure I had the energy for bad news. I have to leave. My heart sank and my breathing sped up. I wasn't expecting this or the terrible way his words made me feel. Where are you going? My voice was barely a whisper and I clenched my hands on my lap. It's only for buy instagram followers a couple of days. I have to go to the CSS Přízrak. It's one of our other ships still in orbit of earth. My commander wants to see me straightaway, he explained and I relaxed a bit. A couple of days were not that bad, besides I was a big girl, I could cope with being on my own. It would be a good thing and give me time to work through these feelings inside me, I reasoned with myself. I had to get clarity on what I felt for him. I didn't even know what exactly he felt for me. When are you leaving? Half an hour. A truck is already on standby to take me to the pick-up point. He sighed and pressed his face in my hair. I hate leaving you like this. A instagram couple of days aren't that bad, I said and tried my best to sound cheerful. buy instagram followers Gaios and Arianna will look after you while I'm gone.